Holladay mansion collapses as crews fight fire


UPDATE: As of 10 P.M., lighting maybe hindering crews efforts to fight this fire. It comes after the home began collapsing around 8 P.M. Sunday night. It was something that fire crews were anticipating.

Also, Holladay Boulevard is now back open to traffic. ______________________________________________________________________________

As of 4:30 P.M. Sunday, firefighters continued to battle a mansion fire in Holladay.

“There are still active flames deep in the interior,” said Matthew McFarland, Unified Fire Authority Spokesperson. “That’s because with 20,000 square feet of living space, we can only get to the perimeter.”

Officials say the home, located on 6085 S Tolcate Woods Lane, is a total loss.
Calls began coming in around 8:15 Saturday night for the fire, since crews have been on the scene.

“We’re talking about a building that is big as most churches in the area or commercial structures,” said McFarland.

More than 100 firefighters and 50 apparatus have been fighting this blaze.
Their effort has been restricted to the outside of the mansion since the inside of the home is structurally unsafe.

“We are having a difficulty getting water to every nook and cranny of the interior,” said McFarland. “Because of that there’s still activity on the inside hence the public from probably all over the east bench is seeing this smoke come up.”

Officials say it’s too early to tell exactly what caused this fire, and that there was never any real threat that the fire would spread beyond this home.
A search of property records shows this home is owned by Rulon Harper, the owner of Harper Precast Concrete Company in Salt Lake City.

ABC 4 did speak to two women who identified themselves as the homeowners granddaughters. They say their grandparents are distraught over losing their home.

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