(ABC4) – As the month of November rolls in, the thought of holiday shopping starts creeping into the minds of many. This year, supply-chain issues have made headlines, with reports of delayed delivery times and spikes in product prices. These current issues are putting new added pressure on holiday shoppers.

A survey reveals more than 60% or 3 in 5 shoppers say they feel pressure to shop earlier for holiday gifts this year than they normally would. When asked what led to this feeling, 47% percent said rising prices, 44% said shipping delays, and 42% said massive shortages.

For parents of children under 18, the worry rates were higher, with over 78% feeling pressure to shop early. This added pressure isn’t just affecting parents, but surprisingly younger shoppers, too.

78% of Gen Z respondents (aged 18-24) and 73% of millennials (aged 25-40) felt added pressure to start shopping earlier. Older folks felt less pressure than their younger counterparts with 62% of Gen X (aged 41-56) and 47% of Baby Boomers (57-75) saying they felt any pressure to shop earlier.

As to the root of this pressure, the survey found discretionary income could be the determining factor of whether one felt pressured.

For Americans who don’t feel pressure to shop earlier this year, discretionary income could be a major factor, as 43% of those who weren’t negatively impacted financially by the COVID-19 pandemic say they feel no pressure at all, much more so than those who were negatively impacted financially by the coronavirus.

Some tips experts suggest if you may be worrying about holiday shopping:

  • Consider shopping in-person so shipping isn’t a problem or a surcharge. Sales happen at stores throughout the year and especially during this season, which could make gifts quite affordable.
  • Gifts such as audio book subscriptions, gift certificates to restaurants, annual memberships to local zoos or museums, meal subscription services or a national parks annual pass
  • When restaurant prices have gone up, consider inviting friends and family for pot-luck style holiday meals instead

To check out the full survey and a breakdown of shoppers’ habits this year, click here.