SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4) – Hillcrest High School Football families are getting some closure from the Canyons School District about an investigation of racial epithets directed towards coaches, players, and parents during a September football game at Mountain View High School. 

Amber Hanson says her Hillcrest football-playing son was injured earlier in the football season.  And while injured walking back to the locker rooms at the end of the football game she says he experienced something awful. 

“What he experienced was as they crossed that football field crossing the track at the end of the game, there was drinks thrown at them, there was racial slurs being yelled at them, and they were being spit on,” says Hanson. 

She says the taunting from began earlier during the game, and Hillcrest coaches decided not to allow the teams to shake hands. 

“We as parents felt that that was the right decision to be made, and it is unfortunate that Mountain View spectators took it to a level that didn’t need to be taken,” she adds. 

As far as parents can tell, the issues involve a former Mountain View High School Coach and quarterback. 

“Regardless of a coach playing on the Hillcrest team and the quarterback coming to us from Mountain View, the incident should have never occurred,” she says. “Even if they are upset over it, the incident never should have occurred.”

Football dad Percy Pearson first told ABC4 about the story in September. 

“The N-word applies to who, black folks,” he says. “How is Mountain View get to do their own investigation when the incident happened on their campus?” 

Hanson adds, “This is the third incident that I know ABC4 News has reported on, and it just continues to get covered up over, and over, and over again.”

Hillcrest High School Principal Greg Leavitt tells parents about the Canyon School District’s investigation stating:

“These statements confirm that at the game, our players, coaches and parents were victims of racial slurs, as well as other inappropriate language and actions on the part of MVHS fans, students, parents and/or players. We strongly condemn the offensive and inappropriate conduct manifested by racial slurs and inappropriate language towards our players, parents and coaches.”

Hillcrest High School Memo on Mountain View Investigation

He goes on to say “We are disappointed in the outcome of Mountain View’s investigation and hope they will work to foster an environment of caring and respect for all players and fans.” 

Parents say they are now looking into civil lawsuits to get more information from Alpine School District.

“That is the way we are going to have to go. Kids were assaulted and dehumanized in a sporting event,” says Pearson. 

Hanson adds, “We want to see action. We want to see why Mountain View continues with this type of behavior.”

A spokesperson for the Alpine School District tells ABC4 the district is still investigating the matter.

Canyons School District officials say they will continue to offer counseling to those affected by the game.