Hill Aerospace Museum reopens with new attractions


ROY, UTAH (ABC4 News) – The Hill Aerospace Museum is back up and running after being closed for five months due to the pandemic. It’s showcasing its newest aircraft, The F-117 Night Hawk, a stealth fighter jet.

United States Veteran, Rich Moore is one of many visitors back at Hill Aerospace Museum since the 5-month closure. He volunteered here for 12 years with his wife, she just passed August 15 of last year.

“We had a lot of fun, a lot of history here, the guys that I worked with, a lot of them went on trips to bring these planes here, they were a part of the restoration squadron,” said Moore.

Now, the base is restoring new acquisitions, like this F-117 Night Hawk, stealth fighter. The museum director says this was the first stealth aircraft in the Air Force inventory. This one served in three different combats.

“It is pretty rare, there’s only a handful of museums that have them at this point in time,” said Museum Director, Aaron Clark.

Another new attraction, the Predator Drone.

“This one flew over 28,000 combat hours, really neat airframe, a lot of people are really surprised when they see it because it’s so big, a lot of people think drones, little small things, but this thing is pretty big over 40 ft. wingspan” said Clark.

Faces masks are required upon visiting. Guided tours will not be offered at this time but Clark says the museum is taking a new approach to educational activities.

“All the schools can get live telecast programming from our education center, all they have to do is go on our website and get the email address or call us up, and we have STEM and history programming that we can stream into your classroom, we can interact with your students,” said Clark.

There are limited hours due to COVID-19, but the museum remains free to all visitors. For more information on the museum go to https://www.aerospaceutah.org/

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