High School students protest dress code

WEST JORDAN, Utah (Good 4 Utah) – Students at West Jordan High School are protesting the schools dress code with a silent yet visual message.

“They’re saying that we cannot be wearing tank tops because it’s distracting for the guys and by saying that they’re kind of sexualizing our bodies and portraying them as objects. So, we’re saying, not an object, not a distraction,” said 10th grader Alyssa Troyo.

So, by wearing stickers that read “Not an Object,” “Not a Distraction,” 10th grader, Alyssa Troyo and other students are sending a message that dress code enforcement needs to be equal among both male and female students.

“They threaten to send us home and they will not threaten the boys. They’ll just say hey put on a shirt or they don’t acknowledge them at all,” said Troyo.

However, the Jordan School District says that’s not the case at all. In their school policy in part it reads “students shall not wear clothes that are mutilated, cut off or immodest.”

“They don’t try to discriminate between the guys and the gals. They make every effort to enforce uniformly, enforce it fairly and to keep kids at school because that’s the ultimate goal,” said Sandy Riesgraf, spokeswoman for the Jordan School District.

So, while the school is working with students to reinsure equality, Troyo is hopeful next year will be different. “I would hope they try to understand where we’re coming from,” said Troyo.

The district says they always have an open door policy and if students and parents have concerns to feel free to address it with them directly.

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