Here’s what goes into hosting the Uinta County Fair


EVANSTON, Wyo. (ABC4 News) – Thursday is the first day of the Uinta County Fair in Evanston, Wyoming, and it runs through August 3.

Ami Barker is the Unita County Fair Manager. She explains some of what goes into organizing this annual Evanston event.

“There are hundreds of people to make this happen or it doesn’t happen,” said Barker.

 While the public sees the finished product, Barker says most have no idea what really goes into having a fair.

“For these 10 days, I work the entire year. I take off between Christmas and New Year’s. And I have three weeks in October. I mean September…Other than that it’s go. It’s go time.”

It’s easy to see why Barker forgot which month – she’s been busy booking entertainment.

“We’ve got hypnotist, jugglers, laser maze, stunt dogs… ” 

Then there are the livestock shows and livestock sales.

“We have 200 animals come through the sale and as soon as they’re done, my work starts again cause I have two hundred buyers to get money from.”

Plus, she, her volunteers, staff and board members must be ready for 12,000 attendees.

“I hope they realize how many hours and how many hands go into making this happen.”

 Barker enjoys several aspects of the fair, but her favorite part is the kids getting recognized for raising and caring for their animals. 

“When those are happening – you watch those kids just light up as they get their little ribbon and it’s the coolest thing in the world,” said Barker. “That’s kind of my payoff to see the kids alright yessss.”

And while this is the Uinta County Fair in Wyoming, several Utahns attend the event. Barker said Utahns compete in the open livestock, as well as the truck and tractor pulls.


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