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Helping single mothers one car at a time


(ABC4 NEWS- WEST BOUNTIFUL, UTAH) One -third of single mother families live in poverty. In this Utah Caring Stories, I had the honor to visit with a group of people trying to help one car at a time.

Earl Dewall was an auto mechanic for years. He and his wife started the “Cars That Care Foundation.” I was there when Carissa and her four kids were recipients of a new to them mini-van.

The eyes of these little kids get wide-eyed as they turn the corner of the busy Rowe auto repair shop in West Bountiful, Utah. They pile in and start to explore. I lean into the car and ask, “Who’s car is this?”. The voices chime in; “it’s mine, no it’s mine.” A cute little 4-year-old boy grins and says; “It’s ours”. The rest of the crew agrees and continue to play as I turn to their Mom.

What’s a car mean to you? That’s a questions single Moms, like Carissa, understand in a whole different way than most people.

She tells me; “It means that I can make sure that my kids can get their needs met. We can get to all our appointments. School, school activities and I can take care of myself too.”

Carissa and the kids wave as they drive off in their new car. Earl walks towards me and gives the thumbs up sign. With a wide grin he says; “I get to feel this quite often. I never get tired of it.”

Jasmine is another single Mom that Cars That Care are helping that I got to chat with. What does a car mean to her? “A car will make it easier to keep my job. I

can go back to school and get the kids from daycare. It will just be easier for me;” she said.

She then turned to Earl with tears and her eyes and expressed gratitude; “Words can’t explain it all, you know. I am very grateful. It’s been hard, but, for you guys to do stuff like this. It’s amazing. So thank you. Thank you.” Earl got emotional as well and said through a hug; “You’re welcome. You’re going to make me cry too.”

Why does Earl do what he does? He explained humbly; “When I watch these ladies walk away in their cars. When people like Jasmine throw their arms around me with tears in their eyes. It’s just the right thing to do.”

If you feel inclined to help, Cars that Care need donations to help getting and making more older cars roadworthy for families in need. You can get more information at: www.CarsThatCare.net/donate

These stories deserve to be told. These are Utah Caring Stories. I’m Doug Jessop, ABC4 News.

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