Am I at risk for contracting coronavirus?


SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (ABC4 News) – As the coronavirus, COVID-19 pandemic continues to impact the world, its effects not only reach the elderly but also those with compromised immune systems.

While the number of those with confirmed COVID-19 cases in Utah remain low, Dr. Mark Ott, an Intermountain Medical Center medical director, told from the research that’s available – it’s not only the elderly contracting it.

“People with heart disease, people with diabetes, people with lung disease those would be the high-risk groups for sure,” Ott said.

And the reason for its impact on specific people is because “Those things tend to compromise your system. And the COVID-19 virus preferentially goes after your respiratory system,” Ott said.

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Working on edits for ABC4 News, Victor Miller, an ABC4 News employee, has been living with an underlying health condition for six years now.

“I have a lung condition called pulmonary hypertension, in which my lungs is not perfect,” Miller said.

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Having this condition means he can be more susceptible to any illness like COVID-19.

“I’m not too overly concerned about it. I guess I am a little concerned,” Miller said. “I don’t do a lot out of my place lately and I don’t plan to do a lot in the future. I just stay home and come to work.”

Victor says in recent weeks he’s been taking extra precautions with who he’s around and making sure to follow health officials’ advice like advanced hygiene.

“I think the thing to point out is that you can do things, just don’t be out in very high-density areas,” Ott said.

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