DUCHESNE COUNTY, Utah (ABC4) – A man is in custody after allegedly shooting at a person who helped dislodge his truck after it was stuck in mud.

The Duchesne County Sheriff’s Office has identified the suspect as Eric Delynn Burns, 31.

Deputies responded to reports of gunshots at a home in Unincorporated Duchesne County. When authorities arrived, they heard a gunshot travel above their vehicle as they approached the home.

Deputies found an abandoned vehicle that was stuck off the roadway in the area. The victim, an adult male, told authorities Burns allegedly shot at him multiple times after he had helped him remove his truck that was stuck in mud.

The victim says Burns pulled up into his driveway and became stuck in mud as he was backing out. The victim went out to help Burns successfully remove his pickup truck from the mud before Burns drove away.

Later that night, the victim noticed flashlights shining near a hillside on his property. Upon investigating, he heard Burns’ voice calling out his name and said the suspect “put his hands in his hoodie as if he had a weapon of some kind,” but eventually left the property. The victim says he felt “very uneasy” after the interaction.

Police say Burns returned to the property three minutes later and that’s when the victim heard four gunshots fired in their direction. The victim gathered his family and sought cover in their travel trailers as they heard another shot ring out while running away.

The victim told police he thought Burns “was going to kill us all.”

Deputies later found Burns’ abandoned truck near the victim’s property. The truck had no license plates and it was later discovered that Burns’ driver’s license and truck registration had been revoked.

Two firearms were found inside the vehicle and another firearm was spotted in a nearby ravine.
Both used and unused ammunition was found outside of the truck along with empty beer bottles, documents show.

Burns is currently on probation and is restricted from having any weapons or firearms. He has been arrested on 21 charges including aggravated assault, felony discharge of a firearm, possession of a dangerous weapon by a restricted person, theft of a firearm or operable vehicle and more.

He is currently booked at the Duchesne County Jail.