(ABC4) – Residents in Bountiful have been surprised to see a green tint in their water when they turn on their faucets. While many people assume it is unsafe, Bountiful City assures its residents it is safe to drink and use.

Bountiful City said they have a new treatment plant that does not filter color from the water. The green color happens when the snow melt runs over vegetation and picks up a slight green tint. In older treatment centers, a charcoal filtration was used that made the water more clear. The newer facility is up to higher standards, but doesn’t filter out the color.

Due to drought conditions, more water is being used from the treatment plant rather than underground wells. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) requires drinking water to fall within certain safety standards when it comes to things like bacteria, chlorine and fluoride levels, but does not require color to be filtered out of drinking water.

“Water tests are done each week on the water and so far, each test has come back that the water is safe and perfectly fine for drinking.” Officials said during a live Q&A with residents.

The green tint will continue to be in the water for the next couple weeks until water levels in the wells fills up.