Grantsville man in jail after breaking into homes naked

GRANTSVILLE, Utah (ABC 4 Utah) – A man is behind bars tonight after he went broke into several homes in a Grantsville neighborhood and exposed himself to several of the homeowners.

According to a probable cause statement, on May 30, 2015, 23-year-old Dakota Joe Denton entered the home of Karen Johnson around 1:00 AM. She woke up to a man standing next to her bed and thought it was her husband – who was in the hospital at the time – and called his name. That was when Denton made his way to another area of the home.

Johnson followed Denton to another area of the house and realized he was an intruder. She ordered Denton to “get the hell out,” too which he turned around and apologized to Johnson, telling her he was in the wrong house and headed towards the kitchen door where he came in from.

“The back door was wide open, and that was my fault. I had left the door unlocked,” said Johnson.

Johnson says Denton was wearing a black hat, black t-shirt, and a white cloth draped over his head and nothing else. He had no underwear or pants on.

“All I remember him saying was sorry, I got the wrong house, but I’m sure that was just pretend because I’m sure he hit lots of other houses after that,” added Johnson.

A short while later he returned to Johnson’s kitchen door and showed her that he had a gun. Johnson chased him away and that was the last she heard from him.

He did continue his excursion of breaking into other homes by continuing on to the next street over and breaking into homes there.

According to the probable cause statement, he entered another house, the female homeowner woke up to Denton standing next to her bed. She states he made some lewd comments and she chased him out. The statement also says she noticed Denton was not making sense and acting “strange.” At one point he tried to put a wallet into the back pocket of his pants – that he did not have on.

He then made his way towards Lisa Gledmacher’s home, just two houses down, and tried to get in through the back door, which was locked. Lisa was awake at the time of the incident and recalls hearing foot steps on her back porch and then hearing the door jiggle.

“I took off running. Next thing I remember is standing at the base of my husbands bed, saying “someone’s in our back yard, someone’s trying to get in, come quick,” said Gledmacher.

According to the probable cause statement he was seen by several other residents masturbating on the back porch of another residence.

According to the Tooele County Deputy Chief, police arrived on the scene and followed his trail but when they would arrive to the homes he had broken into he had already taken off.

Police were able to identify Denton through eye witness testimony and a positive ID from two neighbors during a line-up.

According to District Court records, Denton has been arrested before for trespassing as well as being in the possession of a controlled substance and drug paraphernalia.

In April he was also charged with lewdness in the presence of a child.

“The county attorney’s office is very concerned when we have individuals being woken up in their own home with this even happening and then we have concern with somebody who has a criminal history,” said Tooele County Chief Deputy Gary Searle.

Denton was on parole at the time these crimes took place. He is currently in jail waiting to go before a judge, and the prosecutor states he will be asking for a high bond in this case.

“If someone is increasing their behavior, if they’re as brazen as to come into peoples homes in the middle of the night, women’s homes and wake them up while masturbating next to their bed, this person is a grave risk to the community,” added Searle.

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