SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4 News) – The Granite School District announced it will be posting current COVID-19 case counts at each location. They are providing the information to help parents and guardians make the best decisions for their families and to maintain transparency.

According to a release sent by the Granite District, the case number will be updated weekly after being confirmed by the Salt Lake County Health Department.

The information will be published on the district’s COVID-19 information website.

Granite School District’s COVID-19 page

Case numbers will be updated on a weekly basis after being confirmed by the Salt Lake County Health Department and will be published on Granite’s COVID-19 information website.

The information on the page provided to the public will be limited to student and staff case counts at each school location. Specific information such as class, grade level, or staff position will be withheld to protect the student’s and staff’s personal data.

“We believe this extra layer transparency is critical in helping our parents make appropriate decisions for their kids,” said Granite Board of Education president Karyn Winder.

The press release states:

“Any students or staff members who had direct exposure or are in the same class or general area as someone who tests positive for COVID-19 will be contacted directly regarding health department quarantine guidance. Sample quarantine letters are available to view on the district’s COVID-19 resource website.”

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