Granite School District says it will make its own sanitizer


District official answers questions about the reopening of school

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SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4 News) – School starts August 24th, preparations are underway to reopen schools across the state. Granite School District’s Ben Horsley took questions for an hour during a live Facebook meeting to help prepare worried parents and teachers with more details about what the new normal for school will be like. He said nothing will look like it did before.

You can watch the entire hour question and answer video here:

The mic drop moment was the announcement by Ben Horsley, the district has invested in equipment to make their own sanitizer, they do not want to be at the mercy of market forces or get caught with not being able to sanitize the school and keep the students and teachers safe.

People asked questions on Facebook ranging from children’s safety, to teacher’s safety, class size etc. The questions were then read to Mr. Horsley who answered as many as he could.

One of the parents asked, If a student has a cold, or any other sickness they will be sent home? This has become critical in safety practice, yes they will be sent home.

One of the most important changes is how classes will be isolated from each other, in the the past kids have interacted with each other and all the elements in the school. The change now is they will only be interacting with their own class.

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Distance learning will continue in certain cases, with a lot of improvement over last spring but Mr. Horsely stated that they cannot have the entire district virtual learning online the district does not have that kind of bandwidth.

Another person asked, “What happens if a student does not wear a mask?” According to Horsley, at a secondary level it will be treated much like a dress code violation, first handled at a teacher level then moving up, finally the parents will be offered distance learning if the student will not comply

A question was asked about masks in P.E. classes. Mask will not be required when P.E. classes are doing something that causes high cardio. They will maintain social distancing.

One of the questions asked about how school lunch will be handled? Lunch workers will be behind shields, and students will be spread out in the lunchrooms to try and maintain as much safety as they possibly can.

Another question for Mr. Horsley, what happens if a teacher tests positive? If a positive case happens, the school will let you know with the guidance of the health department to isolate, or quarantine, etc.

Students wearing masks to help stop the spread of the new coronavirus, (Jerome Favre/Pool Photo via AP)

One person watching the stream asked if parents will be notified if a teacher is diagnosed with COVID-19. Horsley said the answer is yes and depending on what the case circumstances are, it will be decided if students need to quarantine or if the school class will go on with a substitute for that class. Substitutes have been contracted for these anticipated long-term events.

If a teacher test positive who will be notified? The answer is on the website.

How will school buses be sanitized? School buses will be sanitized at the end of their route.

Mr. Horsley emphasized the school year will be a joint effort of teacher, students, and parents in order to make it successful and keep everyone safe, he also said the year could be a roller coaster and things could change, he recommended parents use the steps for a safe school year on the district’s website. There is an FAQ on the page.

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