MIDVALE, Utah (ABC4) — Midvale man Brian Wood, 61, spends his time recovering from surgeries by spreading happiness and love to the hundreds of dogs, cats and their owners within his community. 

Wood, also known as Grandpa Brian has been deemed the neighbor every dog loves because, rain or shine, he makes a point to greet every dog (and owner) who walks by his place, feeding them treats and even helping pay for food. 

“I have found it has been a very popular ongoing endeavor and it has helped me as much as it has helped the dogs,” said Wood.

He feeds treats to anywhere from 10 to 50 dogs a day.

He wakes up around 4 a.m. every day first to feed stray cats and then waits for what he calls his customers.

Friday’s customers included Archie, Higgins, Suri, Roxanne, Akooby, Nikita and Sanza. 

Wood spends hundreds of dollars and hundreds of hours doing this because he loves to interact with the dogs, most of which he knows by name. 

He’s replaced both his hips so his basement apartment allows him easier access to feeding the dogs treats from right over his patio ledge. 

He said he absolutely loves doing this.

He’s even handed out full boxes of treats and balls and leashes to some of his favorite dogs. 

He told ABC4 it doesn’t matter who it is, he’s willing to help.

“Make sure you get by and we will make sure everyone leaves with a bone and a ball,” said Wood.