Governor Herbert attends emergency meetings to discuss the state’s response to COVID-19


SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (ABC 4 News)– Governor Herbert has been in an emergency meeting all morning discussing the sharp spike in COVID-19 cases and to re-evaluate the state response to the pandemic.

First, the Governor met with the states COVID- 19 task force, the Lieutenant Governor, and Vice President Mike Pence.

Over the weekend the Governor extended the state’s emergency deceleration to October 20th for COVID-19.

The Governor says he is questioning whether the states current response has been sufficient at protecting people from the virus.

The Governor has not issued any mandates besides requiring masks in K-12 schools and government buildings but ultimately ha allowed municipal governments to come up with individual plans when responding to COVID-19.

The Governor is discussing more aggressive steps to control the virus, including moving back into the orange phase of the pandemic and a possible statewide mask mandate. 

In the meantime, the Governor is stressing the Importance of wearing a mask, staying home if you feel ill, and quarantining for 14 days if you have a positive test. 

Which the governor says some people are ignoring. 

“I am alarmed by people who ignore health guidelines and those who are out there promoting social gatherings almost in defiance of our recommendations by our best minds of science and medicine that say social distancing is will help us slow the spread and how we maintain our economy to stay open,” the Governor said.

The state epidemiologist says a ripple effect of this spike in cases could be an increase in hospitalizations in the next three to five weeks.

If that’s the case, health officials say there might not be enough providers to handle more patients.

A spokesperson for the governor’s office says a plan to address the states increase in cases could be released Monday evening. 

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