RIVERTON, Utah (ABC4) – Another Salt Lake community will be getting Google Fiber in 2022.

The Riverton City Council has approved a license agreement for Google Fiber to expand into Riverton. The internet service has been growing in Utah since 2015, starting in Provo and expanding into multiple cities along the Wasatch Front and beyond.

Google’s fiber optic network is a benefit for folks in the city, as Riverton Mayor Trent Staggs states, “Having heard from numerous residents about the need for more internet options, Riverton City’s elected officials have made broadband connectivity a priority.”

Google Fiber plans to begin construction on the network in the second half of 2022, serving folks by late 2022 or early 2023. Construction will include narrow trench excavation, which allows for trenches no wider than four inches. This type of trenching should offset the impact of construction in city streets, minimizing any disruption for Riverton residents.

Fiber optic cable is much faster than traditional cable because it uses light to send information. Fiber is also made of plastic, whereas traditional cable uses copper lines.

Fiber optic networks are designed specifically for fast internet connection, making Riverton a great place to run a business or just to enjoy everything that fast internet has to offer.

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