LA VERKIN, Utah (ABC4) – Small fires are okay for now, since there aren’t currently any fire restrictions in place, according to Luke Hutchinson, an outdoor recreation planner for the Bureau of Land Management.

“If you’re going to have a fire, it should be in an established fire ring and it should be kept manageable in size. You shouldn’t have a big fire or a bonfire, just a small fire,” says Hutchinson.

State officials are reporting 34 wildfires in Southwestern Utah already this year. Despite only four of those being started by campfires, officials say that number will likely go up as more people head outdoors. This is why, Hutchinson says, it’s important to check weather conditions before setting up a campfire.

“If it’s windy, you should consider not having a fire, especially if it’s really windy because that could cause a potential wildfire,” says Hutchinson.

He says to recreate responsibly, you should drown the fire, mix it, and feel it before leaving your campsite.

“And it should be cold to the touch before you leave the area,” says Hutchinson.

It’s simple steps like these that prevent a wildfire from happening. Hutchinson says by going to, you can get the latest information on fire restrictions and updates.