SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4) – Friday morning, a car crashed into Glens Key, a downtown Salt Lake City locksmith, causing a major gas leak.

“It’s a huge surprise,” general manager Todd Ongley tells ABC4. “Totally destroyed our building on that side.”

Police say the driver is uninjured and had to be pulled from wreckage. Although police are still investigating the cause, one employee says she spoke to the driver about what happened.

“He swerved to miss a bicyclist and ended up hitting the curb. His tire blew and he hit the building,” office manager Ann Tallon says.

Tallon says they’re glad this accident did not happen during normal business hours.

“Our shops locksmiths’ benches are there so had someone actually been sitting there they wouldn’t be sitting here anymore,” Tallon explains.

The driver ruptured a water line, which flooded the building, and a gas line, which caused a major natural gas leak.

As crews worked to repair the leak, out of an abundance caution, 39 homes and about 50 people were evacuated.

“The winds were blowing from the east last night which is why we evacuated the homes behind Glens Keys,” Salt Lake City Fire Captain Jeffrey Vaughn tells ABC4.

Glens Keys says they’ll work on a temporary solution to patch the hole so they can get back to business as usual.

“We are just going to keep moving forward and glad no one was hurt,” Ongley says.

Glens Keys will be closed for the timebeing and says next steps will be filing an insurance claim.