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We just wrapped up the Holidays and I’m guessing that losing some weight is at the top of nearly everyone’s New Year’s resolution list. Ross Jardine, Co-Founder and Clinic Director of Skinny Utah joined Nicea DeGering with a great way to get started.

The average American gains 5-7 pounds over the holidays and so starting this week there’s a huge rush on all the local health clubs, but for most people that’s NOT the best way to get started.  80-90% of weight loss is what you put in your mouth.  If you don’t learn to eat right, all the exercise in the world isn’t going to help you lose those extra pounds.

So how does Skinny Utah do it?

They focus on nutrition and eating habits to create fast and lasting weight loss.  Their program is 9 weeks long and the first 40 days is the rapid weight loss phase.  Clients are asked not to not exercise during this first phase. The focus is on burning fat.  Each client gets a customized plan to help them lose 20-40 pounds in the first 40 days.  They don’t sell any prepackaged foods or shakes and they don’t use any drugs or hormones.  Skinny Utah will help you get your body into a fat burning state by eating real food you buy at the store.

Here’s a success story shared by Jardine: Donna and Sherri are sisters. They’ve struggled with weight their entire life.  Donna was the first to do our program. She had tried every other program out there.  She typically would lose 10 pounds and then hit the wall and eventually give up. On our program she lost over 20 pounds in the first 40 days, but what’s really cool is she learned how to eat right and manage her weight on her own by following the program.  She continued to follow the plan and she’s now lost over 54 pounds.

After seeing Donna’s success Sherri joined her and they have worked as a team to motivate and inspire each other. Sherri is now down over 60 pounds, and she’s still losing.  They have more energy, they sleep better and everyone in their family can’t believe the transformation. Their lives will be forever changed.  

So, how does someone get started with Skinny Utah?

Skip the gym and go to to schedule your free consultation.  Clients get a complete body composition analysis and a copy of the results.  Skinny Utah will help you lose 20-40 pounds in 40 days and then teach you how to keep it off.  They have special pricing for couples, too, so bring a friend of family member to save some money. At Skinny Utah, the second person is half price.  So don’t wait, schedule your free consultation today.

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