(ABC4) – As Americans make plans to hit the road and visit loved ones this holiday season, another Christmas treat they can look forward to is lower gas prices.

A new GasBuddy report shows that gas prices are falling nationwide, dropping about 10 cents a gallon since Thanksgiving.

The national average is projected to decline even further from today’s $3.32 per gallon to $3.25 per gallon by Christmas day.

(Courtesy of GasBuddy)

“We got a Christmas gift that few should complain about: falling gas prices at a time of year when millions of Americans are spending their hard-earned dollars on gifts for their loved ones,” said Patrick De Haan, head of petroleum analysis at GasBuddy. “The last thing they should have to worry about is expensive gasoline.”

While lower prices are always welcome, gas prices in general still remain relatively high — in 2020, the average hit around $2.25 per gallon.

Instead of waiting for prices to drop at the pump, experts are offering everyday tips that will help save money in the long run:

  • Discounts – Some gas stations may offer discounts for paying with cash or joining a free loyalty club.
  • Slow your roll – Speeding and hard braking burns more fuel. A recent study shows drivers in some cities drive 30% more aggressively during the holidays.
  • Shop around for the best gas prices – choosing the lowest priced station along your normal route can save upwards of 30 cents a gallon.

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