NORTH PORT, Fla. (NewsNation Now) — Two months after Gabby Petito’s remains were found in Wyoming and a month after Brian Laundrie was found dead, both cases remain open and active.

The FBI has never officially connected Laundrie to Petito’s death aside from calling him a person of interest.

Former FBI agent Jennifer Coffindaffer believes investigators will eventually announce her possible killer, even if the suspect is dead, and won’t face a jury.

“The FBI will release some sort of presser indicating who they believe was responsible for this crime,” Coffindaffer said on Banfield.

One of the things the FBI is likely looking into is what Laundire’s parents may have known.

“Do I think that they’re probably going to be charged with the evidence we have out in the public? No, but the FBI could have more information pertaining to an obstruction charge,” Coffindaffer said.

Coffindaffer said examples include whether Laundrie’s parents did things such as getting rid of clothes he wore during the possible crime or deleting incriminating text messages.

“All of these things could be used against them potentially,” Coffindaffer said.

Personal items, including a backpack and a notebook believed to belong to Laundrie, were also found in the 24,000-acre Carlton Reserve where his remains were located.

Coffindaffer believes the FBI will likely be able to find out if and what he may have written down.

“I believe the FBI is using all their chemical techniques and other techniques to get everything they can out of that notebook, depending on how much was written in there … you can imagine it may be a long, tedious process, but they can do it,” Coffindaffer said.