JACKSON, Wyo. (ABC4) – An autopsy will be conducted on Tuesday on the human remains found by investigators searching for Gabby Petito in Grand Teton National Park on Sunday. The Teton County coroner in Wyoming will perform the autopsy.

Authorities began searching the park on Sunday. The last time her family spoke with her over the phone, Petito indicated she and her fiance Brian Laundrie were traveling to the park as part of their cross-country road trip.

After receiving countless tips from the public, authorities launched their search at Grand Teton National Park. A tip from a Florida couple may be largely to thank – Shannon Baker spoke with ABC4’s Marcos Ortiz about seeing the van believed to belong to Petito and Laundrie in Grand Teton.

During a Sunday evening press conference, the FBI confirmed a body matching the description of Petito had been located in the park, which is located in the western portion of Wyoming. While authorities are awaiting an official autopsy to identify the body, they were confident enough in their finding to alert Petito’s family. The cause of death has also not yet been determined.

SLIDESHOW: Authorities searching for Gabby Petito in Grand Teton National Park

On Tuesday, the Teton County coroner will conduct the autopsy on the body, according to Brian Entin, a correspondent for ABC4 affiliate NewsNation. Further details are not yet available.

Additionally, Entin reports the Laundrie family attorney says he will hold a press conference on Tuesday in New York. This comes after FBI agents and North Port Police were seen swarming the Laundrie home in Florida. Both Petito and Laundrie were said to have been living with Laundrie’s parents. Brian Laundrie, according to authorities, returned to the North Port Home around September 1, without Petito.

While the FBI Tampa office has confirmed they are “executing a court-authorized search warrant today at the Laundrie residence in North Port, FL relevant to the Gabrielle ‘Gabby’ Petito investigation,” details of what they are searching for or finding have not been released.