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‘Fulfilling addiction’, man arrested after allegedly stealing parked car in Saint George


SAINT GEORGE, Utah (ABC4) – A man with an active criminal background was arrested after allegedly stealing a car and being in possession of various substances in Saint George, Tuesday.

According to court documents, it all started on March 23 at 12:01 a.m., when a Saint George Police officer pulled over a black BMW X5 for a traffic stop.

“I noticed that the vehicle did not have a proper working front passenger headlight, therefore, I decided to conduct a traffic stop,” the officer states.

As the officer approached the vehicle, he made contact with the alleged suspect, 30-year-old David Knowles.

“I approached the vehicle and made contact with a male driver, David Knowles, who I was very familiar with based off past previous involvements,” writes the officer in a probable cause statement. “I addressed the violation and while speaking with David I noticed he was extremely suspicious based off being nervous, avoiding eye contact, wanting to conceal his hands, mumbling his words, and acting ‘out of it.'”

According to court documents Knowles first stated the vehicle was his and he was following another individual to the bank so that he could get “lunch money” from them. But upon further investigation, it was discovered that the very vehicle Knowles was in, was actually reported stolen earlier that evening.

After that discovery, the officer then safely placed Knowles into handcuffs and completed a search.

“During my search I located one “Bluebirds” plastic tube. I was familiar with this tube from previous experience and I knew that it was a plastic container which can be purchased from a marijuana dispensary in Mesquite,” writes the officer.

After examining the tube, the officer then discovered two small plastic bags containing a white crystal substance along with multiple pills. A syringe was also located quickly after, according to court documents.

Knowles was then escorted to the officer’s patrol vehicle and was provided with his Miranda warning and agreed to talk with officers.

“David stated that he knew the vehicle was not his, and a female that he barely knew told him that he could borrow the vehicle,” the officers share. “The female told David where the vehicle would be and she told him where the spare key was kept inside.”

The Saint George Police Department later confirms that “the female had absolutely no knowledge of the actual owner, and it was unknown how David knew where the key was.”

According to a probable cause statement, it was reported that vehicle was initially parked in a heavily populated parking lot, but the owner of the vehicle accidentally left the vehicle unlocked and did not realize the spare key was left inside.

As officers continued to speak with the suspect, Knowles “admitted to being a consistent drug user which requires him to commit crime in order to fulfill his addiction.”

Ultimately, Knowles was placed “under arrest for theft of a motor vehicle since he admitted to taking the vehicle.”

Court documents also show that he was also charged with two counts for possession of a schedule 1/2 controlled substance, possession of drug paraphernalia, and driving on a suspended license.

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