UTAH (ABC4) – Of all the condiments we use to dip and dunk, studies have proven that fry sauce is Utah’s favorite.

The question lingers: What makes this pink concoction so irresistible to residents of the Beehive State? Maybe it has something to do with wanting to stick to our roots.

Though it’s well known that fry sauce is pretty ubiquitous across Utah, the condiment’s place of origin often goes unrecognized. Where, you ask? Right here in one of our very own Utah-based fast-food chains.

Atlas Obscura reports that the founder of the Arctic Circle franchise, Don Carlos Edwards, can be thanked for his invention of fry sauce. According to Eater, Edwards thought up the recipe for this pink-hued dip back in 1940. Today, The AU Review says that Arctic Circle goes through nearly 50,000 gallons of fry sauce every year.

Though the sauce has since been personalized to perfection by thousands, every rendition incorporates the original recipe’s base ingredients of ketchup and mayonnaise. Many altered recopies call for flavor enhancers like hot sauce, vinegar, pickle juice, Worcestershire sauce, and sugar.

Channel your creativity while paying tribute to our great state by offering different variations of fry sauce at all of your barbeques and picnics this summer!