Friends remember St. George mother as police investigate her death


ST. GEORGE (News4Utah) – While Police search for answers in the death of a St. George mother, her friends sat down with News4Utah and remembered her kindness and trusting nature. 

“How anyone could hurt her, I just can’t wrap my arms around that,” said friend Kristin Subashe.

Liz Carter’s friends are still in shock.

“I’m so used to Liz bouncing in and out of the house at least once a week. She’d tell me about her love life,” said friend and old roommate Della Anderson. 

“She loved like nobody else. Like the way she loved her daughter, the way she loved us. Kindest person you could ever meet,” said Subashe. 

Police call the 33-year-old’s death suspicious.

“This was Liz’s first apartment by herself. We went shopping to buy her stuff for her bathroom, and she was so proud of her first apartment,” said Anderson.

Police responded to the apartment at 500 North Bluff Street Wednesday after witnesses reported finding a body inside. 

St. George police want to know more about what happened before her death and how she died. 

“And out of all people in this world? Her? She trusted people with her whole heart, she trusted people,” said Subashe. 

“She wouldn’t see anybody as an alcoholic or a mentally disturbed person. She would see them as the beautiful individual that they are,” said Anderson. 

“Police will do their job, and we’ll find out what happened,” said Subashe.

Police are requesting anyone with any information that would help in the investigation to call 435-627-4338.

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