PROVO, Utah (ABC4 Utah) –  In May something in his backyard was bugging Gordon Cazier.

“I had noticed the depression before,” Cazier said outside a Provo courtroom Monday.  “I heard about the missing person.”

Cazier was at the courthouse to see Michael Kufrin make his first court appearance since being extradited from Illinois.  Kufrin was charged with the cold case murder of Peggy Sue Case who disappeared in 1988.

It was Cazier and a friend who discovered Case’s bones in Cazier’s cellar.
In May, Cazier said he was moving out but wanted to dig into a depressed area of the cellar.  

“There was a depression in the corner of the root cellar and it was covered with carpet and on top of that there was a heavy 2×4 table.” he said.  “We dug down about 18 inches and there was a blanket.  And he (friend) asked for my knife and he cut open the blanket and there was a skull looking at us.”

The medical examiner later confirmed the bones belonged to Peggy Sue Case who disappeared in 1988.

Spanish Fork police long suspected Kufrin.  He was Case’s boyfriend.  Both were at a party and witnesses claimed there was an argument and both left.  Case was never seen again.

Police nor the Utah County Attorney’s office have disclosed the evidence that points to Kufrin.  His case remained sealed as of Monday.

“I’m glad he’s brought to justice,” said Kufrin.  “I’m glad he will be brought to justice.”

Cazier said he befriended Peggy Sue’s family after her bones were identified.
And he understands what his discovery meant for them.

“I’m just glad the Ellsworth family is going to have some peace now and they had a proper funeral for her,”  Cazier said.  “And she’s at rest now.”