Four women hoisted from slot canyon after hiker activates beacon


GARFIELD COUNTY (ABC4 News) A group of hikers was rescued from a slot canyon in the Escalante area early Monday morning.

Garfield County Search and Rescue were dispatched to an area known as the Box Death Hollow Slot Canyon Sunday night.

Garfield County Sherriff’s Office said dispatchers received information from an alerting company that they received a beacon alert from someone who was stranded and hypothermic in the slot canyon.

Personnel from Garfield County Search and Rescue and the Utah Department of Public Safety, with a helicopter and hoist, set out to find the group.  The helicopter and crew lifted each individual out of the slot canyon. The rescue was completed around 5 a.m. Monday.

The four women who were in the slot canyon said that they thought that Box Death Hollow Canyon would only have ankle to knee deep water that they would be walking through, but after hiking for some time, they realized that they would have to be in deeper water, even swimming in areas. Deputies said the weather had been cold and wet and hypothermia was setting in on these individuals. The women were able to get on a ledge.

“Luckily, one of the women had decided to get a beacon alert before going on this hike or they possibly might not have been located,” said Garfield County Sheriff’s Office in a statement.

They were cold, tired and frightened but there were no injuries.

The women all came from the Salt Lake area and their ages ranged from 40 to 53. The women stated that they had hiked in other areas by Escalante at other times, so they were somewhat experienced hikers.

Officials said the weather had been rainy, snowy, and cold.

“When you hike a slot canyon you might never know how much water can rise in the narrow canyon.”


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