Former County Treasurer Faces Embezzlement Charges

KANAB, Utah (ABC4 Utah) A former southern Utah county treasurer was in court Thursday, accused of misusing public money.
The Utah Attorney General’s office says the embezzlement happened over at least three years in Kane County. 
As Kane County treasurer, Georgia Baca was responsible for managing the county’s money. But prosecutors say she used her office to transfer at least $33,000 into her own accounts. 
In October, the 53-year-old is charged with four felony counts for misusing public money
According to the Utah Attorney General’s Office, Baca made approximately 45 deposits of county money into her personal accounts between 2013 and January 2016. 
County money was also allegedly deposited into checking and savings accounts she shared with her daughter and son. 
At least, $54,000 in cash remains missing from the treasurer’s office, according to a recent audit. 
Because Baca was responsible for making deposits, the Utah State Auditor’s Office believes there is a “high likelihood the treasurer misappropriated these funds.” 
While she has not been charged in connection with the missing cash, the March audit shows she also had the potential to conceal any wrongdoing. 
Baca served as Kane County Treasurer for about nine years. She resigned after the audit.
Baca and her attorney, Eric Lind, Jr., declined to comment on the charges.
Attempts to reach members of the Kane County Commission were unsuccessful.

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