Former BYU linebacker Kyle Van Noy set for third straight Super Bowl


ATLANTA (ABC4 Sports) – Even though he’ll be playing in his third consecutive Super Bowl, former BYU linebacker Kyle Van Noy says this whole experience never gets old.

“I have fun with it just like you have fun with your job,” Van Noy said at Media Day. “I try to razz you guys are your job. Just enjoy the game and enjoy everything about this process.”

Van Noy seemed destined for greatest when he left BYU in 2013, but after a disappointing 2 1/2 years with the Detroit Lions, Van Noy has blossomed into a star in New England. This past season has been his best in the NFL, leading the Patriots in tackles, and recording two sacks in the AFC championship game against Kansas City.

Van Noy also scored two touchdowns this season, one coming on a fumble return against the Jets, and another off of a blocked punt against Chicago.

Now, Van Noy sets is sights on Rams quarterback Jared Goff, who despite being only 24 years old, plays like a seasoned vet.

“He does a lot,” Van Noy said. “I can’t pinpoint one thing, he does a lot of things well. He’s a really good passer, he does a really good job at looking downfield when the rush is coming, and moving in the pocket. So, he does a lot of things well.”

As for the Patriots quarterback, Van Noy says he wasn’t surprised when Tom Brady announced there was zero percent chance this would be his last game.

“I already knew that,” he said. “I see it everyday in practice, so I already knew there was zero chance. It’s awesome that he wants to keep playing. He’s ageless and he hit that fountain of youth baby, and I’m happy. The Rams got to watch out. He’s playing really well, and as a team, we’re playing really well. We’re honored to be here and represent Pats nation.”

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