Follow The Flag Brings Out Hundreds of Patriots


PLEASANT GROVE, Utah (ABC4 News) -Over 100 people came out in Pleasant Grove to help carry a massive American flag up one-mile towards Grove Creek Trail where it will hang above the canyon in honor of the 4th of July.

“If we can capture one or two or three people and just instill more patriotism and inspire more children to step up to remember who they are, help other people wok together and have respect for each other then we’ve done something,” said Follow the Flag Director Kyle Fox.

There certainly was no lack of patriotism in this Pleasant Grove neighborhood as over 100 patriots, men, women and children came out to carry a 30 ft. x 60 ft. American flag up towards Grove Creek Trail.  The made by Colonial Flag was big enough to fill the entire street as the group marched up the 30 minute hike.

At the head of the group a group of bikers and a drummer boy providing the soundtrack for the march.

Folks holding on tightly to the red, white, and blue.  

“We’re here to show our patriotism,” said Christopher Williams. “We’re happy for the country we live in and go USA!”

Kids of all ages crowded underneath the flag to make sure it didn’t touch the ground.  While officers from Lindon PD and Pleasant Grove escorted the group up towards the trail.  Apart from community members, friends and family, the group had the support from several local businesses and their main sponsor Low VA Rates.  

The view of the flag not only inspired those who came out of their homes to witness the procession but especially to all those who took part in carrying it up the hill.

“I see especially, you can tell some veterans on the side of the road and they’re saluting the flag and I just want to stop and salute them,” said Stephanie Maxwell as she began to get tearful.  Adding that she was very grateful and emotional from the event.

As the flag made it’s way up the street neighbors crowded the sidewalk to see it in all its glory.

“It’s awesome, it’s just awesome,” said Anita Young.

Her eyes filled with tears when asked why this event was so special to her, “I do…It’s because we should all be emotional.  It’s American and that’s what it stands for,” she said.

The Follow the Flag event began last year as a grassroots project and quickly gained momentum and support.  Fox said he would get messages and e-mails from people who expressed their gratitude after seeing the flag up above the canyon and many expressed their sadness when it was taken down.  He says it’s all the positivity that came from the event that keeps him going and to continue the tradition.  

“Men and women and children were coming up to us and thanking us telling us how much it changed their lives and affected them differently, and how it inspired them differently,” said Fox.

Fox never realized just how much a simple gesture as flying an American flag from a canyon could touch so many people’s lives but he says he’s glad that it has.  

“Just being up there with it, seeing people come and take pictures with it and bringing big masses of people, and just getting along, and they all have the same desires, and they love their country.  It’s just wonderful,” said Fox.

The flag will be unraveled at a ceremony on the 4th of July (Monday) at 7:30 am.  The ceremony will feature speeches from veterans including the mother of a fallen soldier, as well as much more.  Everyone is welcome to attend the ceremony and watch the flag wave high above the canyon.

You can follow the group on Facebook as well as Instagram at the screen name: followtheflag.  

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