Flood Warning issued for Provo River below Deer Creek Reservoir

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PROVO, Utah (ABC4 Utah) – It will an active weekend for the Provo River it may cause some problems for those who live along its banks. A flood warning has gone into effect as water levels are expected to rise. 
To make room for more snow melt runoff large volumes of water will be released from Deer Creek Reservoir into the Provo River that means the water levels in the Provo River are expected to rise and homes like this one could see some minor damage.
The water in the Provo River is flowing strong Friday afternoon and it’s only expected to move faster as we head into the weekend. 
“We haven’t had water this high in 5-6 years,” said Corey Norman, Provo City Deputy Mayor.
Flows are expected to reach about 1800 cubic feet per second as officials try to make room for snow melt runoff in the already full Deer Creek Dam by releasing more water into the Provo River. 
“We anticipate it increasing, we anticipate the water being very cold and fast,” said Norman.
Norman says the city is ready. 
“About 10 or 20 years or so we started spending a lot of money on the infrastructure surrounding the river so  that we’re able to take  and manage a lot of the capacity of the water that they’re talking about sending through,” said Norman. 
A warning to those who live along the river or thinking about getting close. 
“Any property or any immediate property that is adjacent to the river people need to show an abundance amount of caution,” said Norman. 
Don’t step into the water. 
“If you go 6-12 inches underneath the water  under what you see  on the surface it will be running maybe twice as fast as what you see on the surface,” said Norman. 
Officials are prepared with extra sandbags and shovels available for residents at the public works yard. The city also has their equipment prepared and ready to go. 
“We had an emergency drill last week to see what would happen with damage and how do we prioritize those things,” said Norman. 

Pumps and other equipment have been inspected and ready to go in the event of an emergency.  Stockpiles of sandbags have also be replenished and firefighters with the Provo Fire Department have been going around to homes Friday morning handing out fliers to notify residents about the flood warning.  

Also, Provo City has sandbags, sand, and shovels for residents available at the Public Works Yard located on the southeast corner of 424 East 1325 South in Provo.  

If you would like to monitor stream flow you can visit the Central Utah Water Conservancy District website. To learn more about what actions you can take during flood warnings and watches visit here

The city’s mayor has also put a notice on his blog.  

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