TOOELE COUNTY, Utah (ABC4) – Five Honduran citizens were arrested during a massive drug bust in Tooele County on Wednesday in a home where a baby and a small girl were also living.

Undercover agents with the Utah County Attorney General’s office have arrested five people allegedly involved in a drug distribution ring — Marco Javier Diaz-Canales, 23, Fernando Jose Baca-Diaz, 19, Iris Jackeline Gomez-Serrano, 29, Nery Barahona-Lorenzana, 32 and Efron Adonay Diaz-Cruz, 30.

After conducting undercover drug purchases from the suspects, authorities issued a search warrant on the suspects’ home in Lake Point.

While searching, officials discovered a massive quantity of drugs at the residence where all suspects were currently residing including about six kilos of methamphetamine, large quantities of heroin, cocaine, crack cocaine, thousands of suspected fentanyl pills, packaging materials, cash and a firearm.

Inside one bedroom, authorities found both an infant and young girl around 6 or 7 years old located in the same room where heroin, cocaine, suspected fentanyl and a firearm were also found.

During questioning, all suspects reportedly admitted to being involved in the distribution of narcotics or being aware of the drug distribution.

Authorities say all suspects are from Honduras and have no ties to or legal status in Utah. Officials say all suspects currently have no other employment and are all involved in drug distribution.

“These suspects usually work in tight groups of friends or family members,” authorities say.

One suspect admitted he had “just barely crossed the border into the U.S. from Honduras” and came to the suspects’ home “to work.”

All five suspects have been arrested on multiple charges of distributing or arranging the distribution of a controlled substance. They are currently booked at the Tooele County Jail.