First “Pinky” overdose reported in Davis County


DAVIS COUNTY, Utah (ABC4 Utah) – A synthetic opioid known as “Pinky” — suspected in the death of two Park City teenagers last week — has caused another overdose, this time in Davis County.

“It will kill you — this is a poison for your body,” said Sgt. DeeAnn Servey, with the Davis County Sheriff’s Office.

Paramedics from DCSO responded to a 39-yr-old man at a home in Kaysville on Friday night. After they saved his life, using three times the normal dosage of Narcan–which helps people who’ve overdosed–they asked the man what drug he’d used.

The man said he’d received the drug from China after ordering it online.

“You can order this online–and that’s the scary thing,” said Sgt. Servey.

That man said he’d used “just a pinch” of the drug, according Servey.

The synthetic opioid has already killed two people in Utah.

Back in March, an Iron County man and a Salt Lake County woman died on the same day.

Then, last week, two teenage boys from Park City died–and authorities suspect they could have been experimenting with Pinky.

The drug, formally known as U-47700, can come in the form of a powder, pill or liquid and is currently legal to possess and buy in the United States.

A DEA spokesperson tells Good4Utah that U-47700 will be categorized as a Schedule 1 drug next month.

But Utah representative Paul Ray plans to introduce legislation to make possessing Pink illegal in this state.

“A lot of people think if it’s legal, then it’s okay to use, so you have to kind of change that mindset,” said Ray.

“Basically, it’s a killer drug,” he added.

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