UTAH (ABC4) – As May is Wildfire Awareness Month, representatives of Utah Fire Sense have spoken out via Twitter to spread awareness of fire sense we can all take note of in order to contribute to the prevention of wildfires this month. 

According to the organization, roughly 70% of wildfires are completely preventable. The most common causes of wildfires include vehicles and equipment, campfires, fireworks, and shooting sports. 

As noted by AccuWeather.com, there are numerous fire safety tips we should all consider this month. These include reporting unattended fires, extinguishing fire pits and campfires when done, refraining from throwing lit cigarettes on the ground, using caution when dealing with flammable liquids and gases like propane, paying attention to local ordinances for trash burning, only using fireworks in clear areas with no woods nearby, and paying attention to the risk of forest fires in our area. 

Stay safe this month, and stay up to date with Utah Fire Sense for more local fire safety tips and information.