HOLLADAY, Utah (ABC4) – The parent of an Olympus High School student says the school isn’t doing enough to protect his child and he can prove it. He recorded himself walking into the school and posted it on YouTube. 

J.C. said he walked through the unlocked door to prove a point. 

“I could really have, you know, any sort of access that I wanted. And that’s just unacceptable to our family and really to any parents,” said J.C. 

The video showed J.C. walking through the school, with no one stopping him. He said he thought his child’s school was safe until he learned a troubled boy threatened to shoot his daughter in the face. 

Spokesperson for Granite School District Ben Horsley confirmed the boy is now in a secure facility, adding an employee was assigned to J.C. ‘s daughter for security. According to the district, Olympus High School has two sets of doors that are open throughout the day with someone watching the doors, but that didn’t happen when J.C. walked into the school. Horsley said he doesn’t fault J.C. for what he did, but said his decision put the entire school in danger by showing how to bypass security measures within the school.

“He walked past a sign that indicated he needed to report in. We do have other security measures in place. Doors are generally monitored by adults during breaks and lunchtime. That didn’t happen in this particular case,” said Horsley. 

Horsley also said 57 of the district’s elementary schools have built in secure entries and they hope to have all the high schools equipped with this in the future, but that costs money… over one million dollars per project.