FARMINGTON, Utah (ABC4 News) – Several events with high school students are circulating around the internet, that are raising concern in local communities. Farmington High School students recently celebrated homecoming, off-campus and many families are getting backlash.

Parents of students at Farmington High say temperature checks were part of standard procedure, but some students say when they walked in the party, they didn’t see what they expected to.

“We like looked around a little bit and we were like, ‘oh my gosh, nobody is wearing a mask’,” said a student from Farmington High School, who will go by the name, “Hailey”.

Concerned students from Farmington High reached out to ABC4 News after a homecoming dance took place at Warehouse 22.

“They had their masks on, they had to provide photo ID, they had to have their temperatures checked,” said a parent, who will remain anonymous and helped sell tickets for the event.

“It was ticketed, it was only students from Farmington High School,” said Cole Gilfillan of the Warehouse 22 Event Center.

Parents say it was privately organized and the school or district had no participation.

“We sold all tickets off the property of the school,” said a Farmington HS parent, who will go by the name “Maggie”.

“Everyone was wearing masks when we signed up and they told us that there would be multiple sessions,” said the student.

“We actually blocked out two different blocks in order to minimize how many kids were in the venue at one time, to keep us at less than half capacity of our total event size,” said Gilfillan.

“Hailey,” says she expected the event to be outdoors. She says she left a few minutes after arriving. There were just under 200 students in one session.

“One of the other songs came on and then everyone starting moshing together, it was a really enclosed space for the amount of people there,” said “Hailey”.

“All of these rights of passage are going away, so when this opportunity came up anything to make them feel like, life was going to be okay,” said “Maggie”.

Warehouse 22 staff say they work closely with the health department and follow protocol for events during the pandemic, with a list of names and contact tracing available.

“It’s upon people to use their best interest, make their best judgment and we’re going to do the same for our business to hope to continue to thrive,” said Gilfillan.

“It literally brought tears to my eyes, to actually see my kids interacting with other students and being able to just be normal kids for just a little bit,” said the parent.

“Kind of want people to maybe think a little bit more about what they’re doing and I get it’s hard because we don’t get to do some of these fun things, but I do think it’s important that we do follow corona guidelines,” said the student.

ABC4 News reached out to Davis School District for comment, after parents say the district didn’t participate in planning the event, but the district did not provide us with a comment.

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