Farmington family grateful for deputies act of kindness after 4-year-old injured in scooter accident


FARMINGTON, Utah (ABC4 News) – The family of a 4-year-old injured last week in a scooter accident is sharing their gratitude for a deputy who later stopped by with a present for their daughter.

Ryan Mecham said the day of the incident was almost the worst day of their lives.

“While at work I got a phone call that our 4-year-old daughter Millie had fallen off her scooter on a fast, sloped driveway and was unconscious instantly with a head impact,” said Mecham in a post on his Facebook. “My wife called 911 and within a few minutes, there were dozens of police officers, paramedics, city officials, and a helicopter landing nearby. After a few minutes, she opened her eyes but was not responsive to commands.”

Mecham’s daughter was airlifted to Primary Children’s Hospital with the concern of an intracranial injury but later determined to be just a severe concussion and she eventually regained consciousness and has returned to her “normal, vibrant self.”

Mecham said the day after, they had a knock on their front door. It was a deputy with the Davis County Sheriff’s Office who was the first to respond to her.

“He had come to follow up and check on her,” Mecham’s post continued. “He asked how she was doing. After learning that Cinderella was one of her favorite princesses, he brought Millie her own Cinderella dress and crown.”

Mecham said this officer went way above his job description.

“I wish I knew his name or how to personally thank him for coming to the aid of my daughter, and then following up with such an unexpected act of love,” said Mecham. “With so much recent negative publicity, I felt compelled to share his story, and I salute him and all the other genuinely good servicemen and women that make our lives better.”

ABC4 reached out to the Davis County Sheriff’s Office and learned the deputy is Sgt. Chris Pope who said he is beyond touched by the outreach from the Meacham family and the community.

“When we respond to emergencies, we put ourselves mentally and physically into the treatment of the person in need, said Pope. “Many times, we leave a part of ourselves with them and they, in turn, leave a part of themselves with us.”

Pope is a father of four kids under eight years old and said this one effected him on a more personal level.

“I had to find out how Millie was doing,” said Pope. “I felt her fear, anxiety, and pain. I was worried the entire night, constantly thinking about her wellbeing. After finding out Cinderella was her favorite princess, it was just natural that I felt she needed a dress. A princess dress for a princess. The amount of relief I felt finding out she was okay cannot be measured—that was all I needed.”

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