Family speaking out about deadly hit-and-run


Update: Tuesday night police say the suspect, Arturo Morales Garcia was arrested in connection with the incident. He faces several charges including leaving the scene of an accident that resulted in a death and driving with an alcohol restricted license.

ST. GEORGE, Utah (News4Utah) – Family members of a victim in a deadly hit-and-run are speaking up – asking for the public’s help finding the driver who killed a mother and grandmother, Bettina Karen Abraham.

Family says that Bettina had just picked up some groceries and was walking home on Dixie Drive when tragedy struck.

“When you get woken up by police officers, you know it’s not for a good reason. And they asked me to get comfortable so I knew it wasn’t for a good reason,” said Amy-Jo Schooly, Abraham’s daughter.

It was then that Schooly learned her mother, who she calls her best friend, had been killed.

“It didn’t really take effect until I had to call my sister and say the words out loud. Then I heard her, and how it hurt her, and so it hurt me even more,” said Schooly.

Police say it was close to 8 Saturday night when Tina (as her family calls her) was walking home on the East side of Dixie Drive, and was hit. They say evidence suggests the vehicle was damaged on the front end, but the driver took off.

“She doesn’t deserve to get hit like some animal and left,” said Schooly. Police say they’ve been gathering evidence, and are requesting anyone who was in the area between 6 and 8 who saw anything, to call Police. Abraham’s daughters are asking anyone who has any information to please come forward.

“How can you live with yourself if you know you took someone’s grandma away, you took someone’s mom away. You took a sister, a friend, a daughter – you know? How can you do that and live with yourself? If you know something, do something, because we need justice for her,” said Schooly.

If you have any information, call St. George Police: 435-627-4300. There is also a GoFundMe page to help family during this time.

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