SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4) – Professional bull rider Demetrius Omar Lateef Allen, 27, also known as “Ouncie Mitchell,” competed in a bull riding event last Sunday at the Utah State Fair — just hours later, he was shot and killed. Police are investigating this as a case of domestic violence.

His family and friends in Texas shared his memory in an interview with ABC4, saying that Demetrius was a positive light that will be greatly missed.

“He was doing what he loved when he left. That was living his dream to become the best bull rider he could possibly be,” said LaQuita Allen, his mother.

LaQuita described Demetrius as her best friend and said that she last spoke to him Sunday evening. She was woken up by a call from a family member with the news.

“He said ‘it’s about Demetrius,’ and when he said that, my heart just dropped. I jumped up out of the bed and said ‘don’t tell me my baby is dead, just don’t tell me that,’” she said.

Police determined that Allen came to Salt Lake City for the fair and stayed with 21-year-old Lashawn Denise Bagley, who he had been dating on and off. After attending the fair, police said that Allen and Bagley got in an argument at a bar downtown. According to police, Allen later went to Bagley’s apartment to collect his things when he was shot outside. Police said he was taken to a hospital where he died.

“We are strong because he was strong. He was everybody’s backbone, but now is our time to be his,” said LaQuita.

Demetrius leaves behind a four-year-old daughter. His family said he took after his father who was also a bull rider. Demetrius’ love of rodeos started from an early age when he was signed up for a mutton busting event.

“He truly was a blessing to be around,” said Monicia Hale, his cousin. She said that he had always been close with the family. “Though he may have left us in the physical sense, his spirit is forever gonna keep on rolling with us and we are gonna keep on rolling and make sure everyone knows his name and his legacy,” she added.

Another cousin, Marquise Shelton shared that he also loved bowling, fishing and more than anything, his young daughter.

“He was always happy, we were proud. To the family, he’s more than a bull rider,” said Shelton.

His family said that Demetrius will be remembered for his adventurous spirit, positivity and love for others.

“I am pretty confident anyone that knew ‘Ouncie’, that knows ‘Ouncie’, felt him and feel him. They know that his impact on the world hasn’t finalized itself yet. There’s still a lot more meaning and a lot more of his story is yet to be written,” said his friend, Larry Sampson.

Survivors of domestic violence in Utah can find support resources by visiting the Utah Domestic Violence Coalition website at or by visiting the Utah Department of Human Services website.