GARFIELD COUNTY, Utah (ABC4 News) – It has been 20 years of agony for the family a woman who went missing in 1998, but on Monday they got a chance to say goodbye and put final closure on the mystery that surrounded her disappearance. 

In April 1998, a passerby found a woman shot in the head on the side of State Route 276 about 38 miles north of the Bull Frog area of Lake Powell.  As she went unidentified for years, the woman was dubbed the “Maidenwater victim” after the area where her remains were discovered. 

In early October 2018, State Bureau of Investigation agents requested help identifying “Jane Doe” and asked for tips from the public.

Gedde’s sister, who lives in Mexico, provided DNA samples to the Department of Public Safety and gave them information regarding her sister and in November, “Jane Doe” was positively identified as Lina Reyes-Geddes of Ohio.

“The Garfield County Sheriff’s Office is very grateful to give our victim a name and peace to her family. We are also grateful for the State Bureau of Investigation for their help,” said the agency in a statement. 

On January 24, the family traveled from Mexico to Utah to reunite with their loved one and pay her respects at her graveside.

On Monday, Gedde’s sister met those who helped identify her sister and the investigators who worked hard to find her murderer.

“I’m very grateful for all your work. I felt like for 20 years no one would listen to me. But now I know what happened,” said Lucero, Gedde’s sister. “I’m here to bring her home, not like I expected, but I’m bringing her back home with me.”

Marissa Cotes, spokesperson for the DPS said the case is still being investigated and they currently do not know who killed Gedde.

It was originally reported back in November they had a suspect who had committed suicide, however Cotes said that information is not correct and they do not have a specific suspect at this time. 

Cotes said investigators in Ohio and Utah however are not ruling out Gedde’s husband (who committed suicide) or Scott Kimball, a convicted serial killer from Boulder City, Colorado who is currently serving 70 years to life for the murders of four people in 2003-2004.