Family Camping Saves Girl from Mountain Lion


REXBURG, Idaho (ABC4 Utah)- A 4-year-old girl nearly snatched by a mountain lion over the weekend is sharing her story with ABC.

Four year old Kelsi Butt and her family were camping at the Green Canyon Hot Springs east of Rexburg when the attack happened.

Kelsi’s mom Kera said she thought she had spotted a big cat out of the corner of her eye while they were eating dinner.

“We didn’t think we were in danger. We just thought it was passing through. But now we know it was actually stalking the kids because they had come up for dinner.”

The family says they didn’t think much of it. They put Kelsi and her cousins down for a nap in the tent while they cleaned up after dinner.

At some point Kelsi left the tent.

That’s when the cougar moved it and grabbed her with its mouth.

“He like flipped her over to get a better grip and then we were both there so he ran away. And he just ran right close to me, ran away,” Kera Butt said.

Kera told ABC the first thing she did was grab her daughter and gave her a great big hug before having her checked out by doctors at the hospital.

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