Families of 4-Year-Old Girls With Cancer Give Back


LEHI, Utah( ABC4 Utah) — Two young lives connected by cancer. They are 4-year-old little girls who live in the same neighborhood in Lehi.

While the girls are going through the toughest times in their lives, they’re turning a negative into a positive by giving back.

Harper Morgan and Livvi Roberts have both been diagnosed with the same form of Leukemia (pre B Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia). Their prognosis is good. While they’re going through treatment their families want to give back.

Livvi Roberts was diagnosed with Leukemia last march. Harper Rae Morgan got sick just a couple of months ago.

Korinne Roberts, Livvi’s mother, “when they called me with the news that she had cancer it was devastating. You never want that for your child and that was heartbreaking.”
As neighbors they helped each other get through the really hard times.

Cora Morgan, Harper’s mother “she kind of walked me off the ledge a couple of times you never think your kid has cancer.” >

Both girls are responding well to chemo-treatment. While their prognosis is good and they don’t need a bone marrow transplant they are hosting a bone marrow registration drive in hopes of saving lives.
Morgan, “it’s to pay it forward. It’s really simple. People were asking how they could help.”

Robert, “If these girls, heaven for bid, they relapse with their cancer and would need a bone marrow transplant, it hits home with us we know how important it is to have people to be on the registry and for people to donate their bone marrow.”

The bone marrow registration drive is a simple buccal swab. The event is this Saturday starting at 9am – 1:30pm at the Traverse Mountain Clubhouse, 4341 N Crest Ridge Rd, Lehi, UT.

The bone marrow registration drive is sponsored by DKMS, a non-profit organization whose mission is to delete blood cancers.  They say there are nearly 14,000 patients searching for donors.

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