Families devastated after floods in Dammeron Valley


DAMMERON VALLEY (News4Utah) – Crews spent Friday pumping water from homes in Dammeron Valley, while families assessed their losses after 30 homes were flooded.  

The Criddle family continues to clean up after their basement was flooded. Piles of furniture, workout equipment, beds – all a complete loss.  

“It hit like a hurricane. It was a raging river down this whole side,” said Emory Criddle. 

Neighbors helped the Criddle family clean up Friday after the floods devastated their basement.

“Within 5 minutes our window wells were filled up and we were going to get pumps to drain the window wells and then a wall of water came from across the street,” said Criddle.

“We had homes that had as much as 12 feet of water in their basements. We’ve had pumps running last night on two homes that are still running right now,” said Fire Chief Kevin Dye with Dammeron Valley.

The rain came quickly Thursday evening.

“My radio was in the truck in the backyard. I was literally trying to figure out where my truck was parked because I couldn’t see because the rain was coming down so hard. I finally got to my truck. I got my radio, I called into dispatch, and I told them I am going to need everything you can send me,” said Dye.

The Red Cross reached out to residents to meet immediate needs and emergency personnel continued to work all day. 

“UDOT had to bring in snow plows just to clear the highway,” said Dye.

“People trying to check on their loved ones, people just trying to get home,” said Dye.

The Criddles have learned their homeowner’s insurance won’t cover the flood.

“It was the most overwhelming and helpless feeling I ever felt, watching water fill your home knowing you can’t stop it,” said Criddle.

Neighbors have set up a GoFundMe page to help the Criddles. You can donate here https://www.gofundme.com/help-the-criddle-family-after-flood

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