Janeen is joined by Brian Decker, Owner, and Founder of Decker Retirement Planning to explain the Two Meeting Shakedown and what this means in the retirement planning community.

According to Brian, most of the retirement planners in this country have a two-meeting approach. Meeting 1 is to meet you and find out how much money you have. Meeting 2 is to see how much of that they can get.  They will not provide or have a plan. They also do not have a template to measure how much should go where.

At Decker Retirement Planning they have multiple meetings to ensure they have a comprehensive approach to retirement planning. Here is what they will cover:

  • They get to know you in meeting one and find out what your goals are in retirement. They review the problems with the standard banker/broker approach and show you how they approach retirement planning.
  • During meeting two is where they show an optimized Social Security plan, version one of the income plan and a review of all the things they feel like they can do for you based on meeting one and they review any and all fees.
  • During Meeting number 3, they review a full page of potential retirement problems or what’s called stress testing.
  • Next, they’ll review of all the options for PG and R accounts and that will cover meeting number Four.
  • Meeting Five is where they put the final plan together.
  • Finally, they will meet and review where your Will, PoA, Living Will and Trust as Fiduciaries will go and that concludes all meetings.

Brian and his team like to make sure five things are accomplished:

  1. Risk minimization
  2. Income maximization
  3. Tax Minimization
  4. Portfolio Optimization
  5. Liquidity

If you want to learn more, you can visit the website and get your free Safer Retirement toolkit. The free toolkit includes two books and a sample income plan to help you learn more about what your retirement could look like.

Brian and the team at Decker Retirement Planning are here to help. Don’t delay, get your free Safer Retirement toolkit TODAY!

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