Utah doctors making house calls for Medicare aged seniors


AMG Senior Medical Group hopes to revolutionize the way the healthcare system views the consumer and they are doing so with you at the forefront. They are ready to rise to the challenge and change the delivery of our healthcare system.

AMG Senior Medical Group was founded on the basis of providing high-quality healthcare at an affordable cost to the many deserving people living without it. As a medical group, its goal is to ensure that healthcare does not become a fantasized luxury, but becomes, as it should be, an accessible reality to all of those in need. Especially now, everyone needs to be able to access vital medical services.

That’s why AMG Senior Medical Group does house calls for seniors in need who can’t or don’t want to leave their homes. Often times individuals can’t come to the doctor so the doctor needs to be able to visit them. House calls provided by AMG Senior Medical Group accomplish this need for seniors.

Who is a good candidate for house call doctor visits?

Medicare aged senior citizens who have a hard time getting to the doctor’s office or high-risk Medicare aged senior citizens that want to limit their exposure to getting sick are good candidates. With house calls you get longer and more holistic visits, there is no need for waiting rooms, and it’s convenient because it’s in-home.

How do you enroll with AMG to have a provider see you at home?

Call AMG Senior Medical Group at (801) 716-7008 or AMG Senior Medical Group.

Is there limited availability?

When you call they will go over a quick questionnaire to see if you qualify, and provide services on a first come first serve basis.

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