Janeen is joined by Brian Decker, Owner, and Founder of Decker Retirement Planning to talk about what is in his book, The Decker Approach, that helps people retire early!

The book is a 45-minute read and outlines the six meetings of 90 minutes each as they help clients build plans to retire early. The first chapter talks in detail about how the banker broker plan doesn’t work and will hurt you in retirement. 

The second chapter optimizes your Social Security and retirement income. The third chapter tries to flush out any problems in retirement. While the fourth chapter looks at principle guaranteed accounts with average returns of over 7% taxable and that are tax-free. The fifth chapter looks at risk computer models designed to make money in up or down markets.

Finally, the last chapter looks at ways to update your Will, Power of Attorney, Living Will, and Trust documents to minimize taxes and make sure your children still talk to each other after you are gone.

All of this is a lot of information with the focus being on retiring early! 

If you want to learn more, go to ABC4.com/retirenow to get your FREE Safer Retirement toolkit to help you retire early.

The free toolkit includes 2 books and a sample income plan to help you learn more about what your retirement could look like. And of course, Brian and the team at Decker Retirement Planning are always here to help. Go to their website to get started on your future today!

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