Janeen is joined by Brian Decker, Owner, and Founder of Decker Retirement Planning today to talk about what is involved in the Retirement Toolkit that is offered for FREE!

Brian gives us four things with the FREE Retirement Toolkit. First, you get A copy of his book, “The Decker Approach” where he describes in detail the planning process that Decker Retirement Planning has with each client. It also covers the 6 meetings of 90 minutes each and what they cover. This book is being offered for free.

Next is a copy of the book “The Three Principles of Retirement” where Brian and his team talk about the three principles to make sure your retirement does not fail. Brian also suggests that you never draw income from a fluctuating account!  

The third thing in the FREE Retirement Toolkit is the Checklist challenge. The challenge offers 34 things that you can read on two pages and gives you boxes to check off as you get them done for your retirement. All of this information is very detailed and very complete. If you can’t check all the boxes then you will know where your shortfalls are.

Finally, the last thing in the Retirement Toolkit is a sample copy of an actual retirement plan. Keep in mind that a pie chart is NOT a retirement plan. Statements on the kitchen table are NOT a retirement plan. Decker Retirement Planning shows on one spreadsheet all income streams and then they add them up as Gross income, minus taxes to show annual and monthly income, with a COLA, to age 100. 

The number one fear in this country for those over 60 is running out of money before you die. The clients at Decker Retirement don’t have that fear since they can see how much they can draw for the rest of their lives. because their portfolio is shown on the right side of the spreadsheet.

If you want to learn more, visit their website and get their FREE Safer Retirement toolkit.

Again, The free toolkit includes 2 books and a sample income plan to help you learn more about what your retirement could look like. Don’t delay, it’s FREE! Get started on your plan to retire TODAY!

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