Explore History of Yellowstone-Teton Territory at Museum of Idaho

IDAHO FALLS, Idaho (ABC4 Utah) ABC4 Utah is on the road again. This time the crew is out exploring Yellowstone Teton Territory and shows us there’s a plethora of fun, exciting winter activities for you and your family to enjoy just a few hours up the road.
We know what you’re thinking. This means you have to be cold, but that’s not the case. Our first stop is indoors at the Museum of Idaho. Trappers and traders originally trekked through the region. 
Idaho Falls kicks off your Yellowstone Teton adventure and pump the brakes in Idaho Falls, you get a glimpse back in history to the 1890s and the town’s history may surprise you.
A hand-spun American flag with battle blood dating back to the Revolutionary War is not something you see everyday. 
Or evidence of early graffiti left behind by the first explorers in the 1800s. 
“It really not just speaks to our community, but it speaks to all of the people traveling through and it gives them a sense of place, a sense of where they are going,” said Carrie Anderson Athay, museum Curator. 
Whether it’s a main stay or a traveling exhibit, the Museum of Idaho takes you through the past and allows you to see how it relates to our future.
“It’s been a great place for my family to come with out children, they offer educational events for families, some of them are free, so it’s one of our favorite places to go,” said Holly Whitworth, museum visitor. 
With more than 25,000 artifacts and the stacks of collections rotating on display, you can count on always seeing something different. 
The museum is housed in a 100-year-old Carnegie library. The permanent Eagle Rock exhibit shows you the store fronts from the 1890s. 
Bridge construction over the river aided miners and eventually brought the railroad through the area, but the museum curator says the tracks through can bring some sorted people. 
“A lot of brothels and a huge opium trade. When you come through Idaho Falls now, you see a very clean cut, respectable town. But we weren’t always that way. We started with a past that was very much part of the wild west,” said Athay. 
From clothing and cameras, to firearms and front pages, the history of the Yellowstone area is rich, so there’s something everyone can enjoy. 
“We think this is a vibrant and exciting, wonderful place to learn about this area and we think this is a worthwhile stop!”
There’s an abundance of history, a lot of culture and plenty for the kids. If you’re interested in visiting head to https://museumofidaho.org.

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