Experience ‘The Rocky Horror Show’ at the Grand Theatre


SALT LAKE CITY (News4Utah)- The cult classic and Halloween favorite ‘The Rocky Horror Show’ movie is playing this month at the Grand Theatre.

The movie is a full experience featuring paid performers.

“If you aren’t familiar with ‘The Rocky Horror Show’, there are opportunities for the audience to participate in the show by calling out ‘audience lines’, dressing up and using props,”  show director Anne Stewart-Mark said.

Check out ‘The Rocky Horror Show’ summary:

Courtesy: The Grand Theatre

When newly engaged couple, Brad and Janet, innocently set out to visit an old professor, a thunderstorm and a flat-tire lead them to seek help at the castle of the alien, transvestite scientists, Dr. Frank N. Furter. As Brad and Janet are swept up into Frank N. Furter’s latest experiment, the night’s misadventures will cause them to question everything they know about themselves, each other, love and lust. This humorous tribute to the classic B Sci-Fi films and horror genre, with an irresistible rock score, is a wild ride that no audience will soon forget.

The movie is rated R for adult themes and strong language.

Tickets can be purchased in advance by calling or visiting our the Grand Theatre box office or online.  Tickets will also be available on the night of the performance at the box office window.

The show runs October 4th through the 27th, Wednesday- Saturday.

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