SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4) — In an exclusive interview with ABC 4, the mother of 19-year old June Ferre, said her daughter, who is serving a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, had to withstand the deadly Mayfield, Ky. tornado. She was able to withstand the 150 mile per hour winds by hunkering down in a basement with members of the congregation.

Ferre and other missionaries were in the epicenter of the deadly tornado, but have since packed up their belongings and moved to Paducah, Ky., after they did not have access to power or water.

“I think the power of the storm was overwhelming,” said June Ferre’s mother, Aimee Ferre.

Overwhelming is an understatement, after viewing the photos Aimee sent ABC 4 of the devastating destruction in Mayfield. 

The images and videos either above or in the attached story were taken by June.

“She woke up to the devastation,” said Aimee. “I don’t think there is a building standing in her area right now. It was devastating.”

June started serving her mission in Nashville, Tennessee and was transferred to Mayfield the day before the tornado hit.

“I think visually, I think it is hard to process what she is seeing and realize that is real and that is her current location,” said the mother of three daughters, Aimee.

Even though her location may be in Mayfield, there may be help on the way from the American Red Cross in Utah.

The non-profit humanitarian group sent this statement to ABC 4:

“Our hearts are with the families affected by the significant tornadoes through the center of our country affecting 12 states. Red Cross teams are active throughout these areas addressing emergency needs of shelter, food and basic needs at this time. Utah volunteers stand at the ready to deploy as needs arise and the extent of the damage is appreciated.”

“I feel very strongly she is to be there helping those people right now,” said Aimee. “I don’t know how we can deny that God is good.”

Aimee said her daughter will most likely put on some work boots and gloves and get to work helping those in Mayfield and surrounding areas.

Utah’s American Red Cross chapter said as soon as Monday it might send volunteers to help.

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